Mum’s 70th birthday

Mum’s 70th birthday

My mum reached a very respectable 3 score and ten yesterday and we went up to Kirkby Lonsdale today to enjoy some lovely weather, cakes, food, and company. It seemed very strange but incredibly rewarding to meet a few people from mum’s life that I haven’t seen for many many years. At least three people I enjoyed chatting to today are people I haven’t seen since I was younger than ten years old.

Obviously a lot of water under the bridge but it’s amazing to feel an instant connection to some people because of a shared past. I’m pretty sure mum enjoyed herself but hardly had a moment to pass the time with her on a busy day. We get some better quality time together in a couple of weeks… To be savoured.

Some photos here… On Flickr



  • Jane

    Happy birthday to your mama, family is so special at this age. x

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