Faster all the time

Keep hearing the likes of David Millar and other authoritative names in the professional cycling world talking about how bike racing is getting faster and faster. It’s sometimes hard to grasp these things, and indeed to say whether such things are hear say or recieved wisdom. I have a bit of data of my own to share…

Rode the Colne Grand Prix last night again – have ridden it lots of times now and I really do love that race. It doesn’t suit me, but it’s a brilliant atmosphere at the race on the evening and feels like a real ‘event’. But I find it harder and harder these days to get anywhere near to attacking a bunch in a road race. I could moan and say it’s all about being aged 41 or something, but I’m pretty fit at the moment and I know there’s other factors at play.

So here’s some scores on the doors:

Getting old is one thing to combat and deal with, but when speeds like that start to come out of the bunch, it’s fairly understandable that only the cream rises to the top.  I’m skimmed at the moment.
A photo of my reward for a fast race below.

Fish, Chips, Peas.