Ice Breaking with Dirty Harry

I do enjoy a nice play on the bike from time to time. When you do a load of training and fitness stuff it makes a fun ride that bit more rewarding.  

I had a short window of opportunity on Saturday morning and after a dreary week of work and some ‘base fitness’ running (read ‘weather too miserable to ride bikes‘), it felt like a white Christmas had come when I looked out of the window.  Warm kit on, get the Dirty Harry out – and head up the hill.

Only about a 70 minute ride but every second of it was just gasping-at-the-view stuff.  I loved it so much I made a short film…

More about the Planet X Dirty Harry here.  It’s not really a hardtail 29er. It can’t be – because it’s just such fun to ride.




Planet X Dirty Harry



  • Chipps

    How narrow are those bars?

    • They’re 570mm but only on for the week ’til I’ve got the ‘race’ out of the way at Hit the North, then I can upgrade to full Calderdale width.

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