Lancifornia 2012 – the dust is back

The trails are ripe again. It’s a great thing in about our famously unpredictable climate – that a spell of good weather really uplifts you. I have been physically uplifted, too, once more, by my legs, to nearby Cragg Quarry – “a fantastic spot when the trails are hot and a load of grot when the trails are not hot”. Forgive me.

That’s Lancashire for you – wetter than most parts, but all that more satisfying when the sun shines. It’s been a real joy getting on the Mountain Bike after a damp end of winter and feeling dust under the wheels.

Having been riding (or meant to have been) a sample of the new Planet X ‘Dirty Harry’ 29er for a few months, it’s great to really get a spell of weather that lends itself to proper MTB riding. I also feel like I know enough of the bike to do an actual assessment too – and I like what I feel. It’s a seriously fast fun bike. Race-Bred but very well set up for playing and tech stuff. It weighs exactly the same as my Cannondale Carbon Flash 29er too – so significantly easy to flick about the place… weather permitting.



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