Ronde Van Oost Lancashire 2012 – the trailer

Bezzy mate Alan ‘Crossjunkie‘ Dorrington’s ‘own’ ride – the Ronde Van Oost Lancashire – is in its fourth year now and growing exponentially in popularity each time round.  It’s on the 31st March this year and I’m getting all little-biy-excited again for a lovely “grovel on the cobble” day out.  Especially good this year is that it’s going to turn out to be a bit of a school reunion for me with – hopefully – Phil (brother), Tolly, Rich Bardgett and Rich Hannaford.  That truly is a treat and I haven’t ridden with some of those people for 20 years!

Also looking forward to the Cake fest (that’s Cake with a capital C) , provided again this year free of charge by those ACE people at Sportsunday Photography.  Yep.  Cake.  Free.  Gets no better, does it.

Anyway – I liked it so much, I’ve edited a film for that Crossjunkie chap and hope you like it. The music is the title track from my album The Great Egg Race from 2001 – and, in some lovely twist of fate, also features said Richard Hannaford on the bass…!