Beach spring continues – Anglesey family holiday

Beach spring continues – Anglesey family holiday

Week three and a third beach.

After the bike race at Pembrey and horse riding at Silecroft, we parked up the caravan for my third weekend of beach fun on Sunday – at Penrhyn Bay, on the North Western coast of Anglesey.  Our first trip in the caravan to Wales could not have been any smoother. After a week of high winds, storms, and even sleet and snow, we were met with initially light cloud, then the next morning no cloud to speak of at all – and it stayed that way for the four days.

Walking, swimming, paddling, rowing, cycling, running and tennis were basically the way that the days went – in no particular order. Throw in ‘home’ cooking in the caravan and some lovely wine and beer, and it all made for a pretty idyllic few days, and a lovely break.  A break made all the more noticeable by the complete switching off of our electronic devices. Games, emails, SMS and social media were not deployed – a small handful of select images uploaded to Instagram and a couple of quick checks on the weather forecast were the only times we ‘connected’ – making it a total switch-off. Brill times.

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