Faster all the time

Ed Clancy, Colne GP 2011

Keep hearing the likes of David Millar and other authoritative names in the professional cycling world talking about how bike racing is getting faster and faster. It’s sometimes hard to grasp these things, and indeed to say whether such things are hear say or recieved wisdom. I have a bit of data of my own to share…

Cadair Idris and the Rhinogydd – another lovely weekend of gentlemanly leisure

A fine weekend of walking in Wales just gone.  My cousin Adrian brings together ten or so of us each year at this time for a trip to the hills. 

Fine tuning for the Nationals

Given that my chances of finishing much higher than 30th position in next Sunday’s national cyclocross championships are as slim as a cigarette paper, an outside may think I’m a bit obsessive trying to hone my training down for a one-hour race. I maybe am, but it’s the only way I know. Christmas and New Year went fairly well for me in terms of fitness and wellbeing. I got tired a ...[Read More]

Train for pain

I’ve spent the last few weeks getting myself back into off-road cycling in readiness for the cyclocross season. It’s slightly strange this year as there’s a National Trophy race the weekend before the Three Peaks cyclocross. As some of you will know, I’m a bit nuts about the Three Peaks race and whilst I don’t mind a shorter, faster, flatter training event or two befo ...[Read More]

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