Cadair Idris and the Rhinogydd – another lovely weekend of gentlemanly leisure

A fine weekend of walking in Wales just gone.  My cousin Adrian brings together ten or so of us each year at this time for a trip to the hills.  My first walk on Cadair Idris, a handsome and dominant beast above the village of Dolgellau (where we stayed) on the first day.  Whilst the cloud never really got off the summits until late afternoon, it was an atmospheric ascent with a few of those ‘oh wow’ moments as the hard-earned views popped through the clouds. Something went wrong with my GPS though, and I seem to have no record of the walk at all.  I’m calling for human witnesses now, or I may have to go back.

A legendary night of drinking and curry eating followed.  John fell asleep a couple of times, Adrian laughed a good deal.  Sam found some appropriate iPhone hand gestures.. the usual stuff and very enjoyable. The second day’s walk was on different, harsher terrain over Rhinog Fawr. Really tough path at times and some slow proress, but altogether more satisfying ascent and incredibly quiet mountain area in general.

Our route here in pretty good detail, or here in Google Earth. A whole load of photos here on Flickr.