Café Stop: Tune in, Drop Off.

The Drop Off Café

I don’t do reviews much. Especially not on this site, but I wanted to write a little bit about a gem of a place just across the valley from me that cyclists, runners, walkers, and general cake / coffee enjoyers will find a treat.

Colne Grand Prix 2013 – Marginal pains

Colne Grand Prix

Last night was my last race for a bit. Colne Grand Prix is a race I have ridden loads over the years. It’s a great race. A very simple town centre criterium on a very simple course. The corners are fast and flowing, and it always has a great atmosphere with the course packed full of people on either side.  I’ve ridden there the last nine years and only missed one, and still felt I had ...[Read More]

Strava: The film

Strava KoM

I recently wrote about a love hate relationship with Strava.  The app that bikes back doesn’t want to go away. Some try to sue them, love, some hate, but it’s not quite like Marmite – as we all seem to love and hate it a little bit. A little bit like real racing, we love it when it goes well. We hate getting beaten. But perhaps most significantly, it does seem to change the way t ...[Read More]

Holcombe Moor – Summer Passes to Autumn

Holcombe Moor – Summer Passes to Autumn

A short film about the hill on my doorstep.  I’m very lucky to have such a great, varied and interesting bit of moorland to the immediate west of my home.  This film shows the fun and play aspect of Mountain Biking which melds into the grind of cyclocross training in the early autumn.

Lancifornia 2012 – the dust is back

The trails are ripe again. It’s a great thing in about our famously unpredictable climate – that a spell of good weather really uplifts you. I have been physically uplifted, too, once more, by my legs, to nearby Cragg Quarry – “a fantastic spot when the trails are hot and a load of grot when the trails are not hot”. Forgive me.

Faster all the time

Ed Clancy, Colne GP 2011

Keep hearing the likes of David Millar and other authoritative names in the professional cycling world talking about how bike racing is getting faster and faster. It’s sometimes hard to grasp these things, and indeed to say whether such things are hear say or recieved wisdom. I have a bit of data of my own to share…

Planes drew kisses

Planes drew kisses

I love this when it happens for some reason. Inspired to snap this whilst out on my bike on Scout Moor last night and it always makes me think of the Cinerama lyrics from the song ‘Airborne’ “I was watching you from the observation deck Until your plane became a shiny speck And if I wanted to sentimentalise I’d say the planes drew kisses across the sky“ Very simple al ...[Read More]

Ronde Van Oost Lancashire

Very much looking forward to the second running of the Ronde Van Oost Lancashire on the 2nd April this year. Friend Alan’s organised it again using the same route as the first Ronde in 2010. Named and themed after the Ronde Van Vlaanderen (or Tour of Flanders for you Anglophiles), it’ll visit some of the backest of back lanes and 2lb loafiest of cobbles streets. Adding to the value, my ...[Read More]

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