Café Stop: Tune in, Drop Off.

I don’t do reviews much. Especially not on this site, but I wanted to write a little bit about a gem of a place just across the valley from me that cyclists, runners, walkers, and general cake / coffee enjoyers will find a treat.

I’ll declare a mild interest. I’ve known owner Colin Davis for a few years now and have run with him on occasion and raced bikes with him a bit more. But over the last few months I’ve been on the sidelines seeing the amazing Drop Off Café in Edenfield take shape. A builder keen to retire from building, Colin acquired the lovely old building in Edenfield and took it on as a project. Initially a building project, but when it seemed some retail businesses there wouldn’t suit the location, he grabbed the chance to turn it into THE most delightful, lovely, welcoming and unique, cosy café.

The detail is there in subtle bikey references and things (from cassette-sprocket coasters to carbon-fibre rimmed wheel-chandeliers) but that little bit nicer – to me – is things like offering free cycle locks when you come in – so you can put your feet up that little bit more when you fancy a nice coffee and a chat.

Some photos here and you can find the café here on the map. Make the trip, get some lovely coffee, a VERY warm welcome, and a few calories of cake. Elsie and I tried it… we’ll be back ASAP.  Go and like them here on Facebook