CD: Me Me Me (1999)

First things first. Minnellium’s first album getting a few experimental things offa our chests. It’s quite electronic and quite harsh now.

I really enjoyed making it though because the technology was so new to me and creativity flowed in torrents. Looking back, it was the naivete that made it special – I could’nt go back and make tracks like that now – I’ve become too refined and perfection-seeking.

Cover artwork was done by Simon – my brother in law – in his spare time. He was very busy at the time and I really appreciate the job he did. The tracks were all titled based losely on the concept of selfishness and self-obsession. Some of them were taken directly from titles of Jerry Springer shows. (“I lost my hair and I lost my job”, “You’re too fat to dress like that”). The self-obsession thing seemed an obvious route to take on a first ‘solo’ album.
It’s not for sale any more – contact me if you want a copy and we’ll come to some reasonable agreement, proably centering around me burning you a copy for free.