CD: “The Great Egg Race” (2001)

cd_egg.jpgThe third album is always a tricky one to pull off. But the plucky lads at minnellium have managed it with calm assurance.
At least as strongly themed as “Comfy”, “The Great Egg Race” scores over its older cousin in the variety of influence and variety of input used. The work of other contributors has been folded in to the mix effortlessly.
Featuring for the first time, some bass by Richard Hannaford and some Harmonica from Phil Haygarth.

‘Minnellium found a bucket load more freshness and spontaneity from working with other people and sparking ideas’
Whether the other people concerned agree is not known.

01 – Productivity
02 – Trompe l’oeuf
03 – Chlomiphene
04 – The Great Egg Race
05 – Shudder
06 – Disappointed Bob
07 – Depleted
08 – I love you as you are