CD: Metamusic 2004

MetamusicWith ten more tunes as slack as an old man’s pants, Minnellium have peeled back the layers, rolled back the years, and found their feet in the sounds of yesteryear. Some analogue synths, some more of the classic organ and electric piano, and even a few horns. But don’t worry – there’s still enough abrasive beats to sand the floorboards of a larger than average victorian semi.

Best enjoyed with some chilled meal and a nice plate of wine.

It’s still my favourite album I’ve done and think that all the tracks ork well together – less electric and more eclectic


01 prelude
02 throttle back (external link to Windows Media file hosted by Acidplanet)
03 surveyor
04 muh nuh
05 metamusic (external link to Windows Media file hosted by Acidplanet)
06 saddleback
07 submarine
08 dad’s new bag
09 (this is so) boom – yeah, yeah
10 every thirteen years