Peterborough. Something tells me ‘no’.

Over the last year or so, it’s been required of me to visit Peterborough. Of all places.

The most recent journey was yesterday. Journeys over the 113 (as the crow flies) miles between my home and Peterborough have been peppered with disaster or delay each and every time, including broken down trains (on hot summer days with no air conditioning and no breeze), gale force winds that cause overturned lorries and uprooted trees to block the roads (when I’ve simply given up on the idea of a train), and missed train connections.

Yesterday’s was another beauty.
Cycle to Rawtenstall,
bus to Burnley,
train to Leeds,
train to Peterborough.
Overall journey time, 3 hrs, 45 minutes.
RETURN: (Same in reverse, to Burnley, then)
Missed bus connection from train,
walked three miles in dark,
hitched the other four miles to Rawtenstall,
cycled home
Overall journey time: 4hrs, 15 minutes

That’s a total of eight hours’ travelling for a two hour meeting folks. If you live in the UK, your tax is paying for my time. I really should say “Thank you”, but I’m not sure that any of us should really be grateful for anything.