Rochdale Optician to be opened shortly in Norden

Rochdale opticians have one thing to worry about… my friend (and Wheelbase cycling team mate) Lewis Craven is about to go it alone in Rochdale (well, Norden, near Rochdale) and open up his own optician’s practice called Craven and Murray after a few years working as a consultant optician throughout Lancashire and Manchester. Rochdale Optician? What are you on about, Dave? Have my eyes deceived me? Do I need an eye test or other opthalmic services? Why the free ad ? Well. Read on… for this post is a SEO ploy.

Norden? Rochdale? Optician… Craven and Murray need to think about Search Engines…

You see, seems to have many of the ingredients of being good at getting search engine results. Combined with my own growing knowledge of search engine optimisation, I wanted to post this article about ‘Rochdale Opticians’ or ‘Norden Opticians’ to prove to Lewis that people will not come and look for his website by any other means that search engines.

As a Rochdale Optician, he needs to be reaching people in Rochdale who search on the that search. i.e., people using their computer to look for a Rochdale Optician. We’ll leave this for a few weeks and see how the Search Engines rate this post. I reckon, if the search engines don’t need their eyes testing, they’ll think I’m reasonably good at SEO.

Oh, by the way, feel free to ignore this if you’re not interested in SEO or Opticians in Rochdale or Norden. If you do need an eye test, please do see them. If they’re as good as Lewis is at cycling, then you’re in for an optical treat.
Craven & Murray Opticians

675 Edenfield Road
OL11 5XE
Tel: 01706 641138