Summer Holidays – ‘camping’ in Gavamar, Barcelona

Gavamar Family HolidayFirst time overseas (unless you count the Scottish islands) for three whole years for Katie, Lily and I. Needless to say we were very excited – even the less excitable element of the family. Everything went brilliantly, from flights (one very amazed little girl) to the place we stayed. It’s a gorgeous and very tidy camp site, and we were staying in a caravan-style hut, complete with shower, bog, kitchen, etc. Did the job brilliantly.

The beach was well kept and perfect for sand castles. Waves perfect for a rumpus with blow up boat and rubber ring. Booze a mere snip – Cava and local red wine @ £1.10 a bottle. We just had a very fun and very chilled time.

Barcelona itself was as lovely as usual – very hot but not scorching. We only did a couple of day trips into the city – plenty in the event. Tapas, Ramblas, Gaudi, Espresso etc. Just lovely.

We met a very friendly family from Belgium, and I managed to sneak plenty of cycling discussions in. Nienke and Yitse, the 6 and 5 year old children just got on brilliantly with Lily. That was nice too. What was also startling was how the Spanish, and Europeans in general smile at other people’s children, and how the teenagers there don’t seem to be abrasive or scary when seen in groups.

See the rather extensive family photos here

The slightly more off the wall photos here

The video here.