A dream of a cyclocross weekend

What a dream weekend. I organised my second cyclocross race for Wheelbase at Outwood Park in Radcliffe on Saturday. Devising cycling courses is something that every little boy likes to do – I remember it on my first bike on the spare land next to my house when I’d just learnt to ride a bike…

In reality, the toil, planning, tiring evenings, meetings, recces and paperwork of organising a cyclocross race seems a bit of a hardship, but it always seems to fade away when it goes so well on the day. Even better when you win a race the next day!

My cycling sponsors Wheelbase were brilliant this year – Stuart and Toby were up at the crack of dawn packing the van with some brilliant display gear, and helping us to capture all the numbers of riders – a nightmare of a job. Carolyn and Jake – both associates of Wheelbase also gave up a day and were so helpful – I was touched by it all.

Jean and Bill looked after signing on and parking, Mum looked after Lily, and Katie helped will all manner of things all day – we were knackered when we got home but it was all worth it – we had lots of happy and muddy riders – all you need really!

Full race report here: NWCCA

Google Earth cyclocross course map.

My photos here: FLICKR

The other part of the weekend was managing to somehow get up on Sunday morning after a bottle of red and really feel like doing a cyclocross, so off Katie, Lily and I trundled up the M6 to Hornby, where I duly romped off to win the Senior race of the Lune CC cyclocross. Enjoying my fresh legs from not having raced on Saturday, and a bit of residual form from hammering myself at the National Trophy the weekend before, I had a fairly comfortable win. Mum and Jean were there so to win in front of ‘my four ladies’ was a great feeling!

Report here, images below.