A great half term day out

It’s Lily’s first ever half term – and yesterday we had the day together – and what a corker it was.

Moore to doWe dropped Katie off at work in the morning then went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to look at the Andy Goldsworthy retrospective – a really good choice. I’ve enjoyed Goldsworthy’s tactile simplicity in his art ever since I first came across his work in the late 80s, but it was lovely to see a five year old girl doing ‘wow’ and genuinely being taken aback by the semi-magical feel to some of the large scale installations. Very satisfying.

A time to ReflectLily was also interested in the other artworks dotted around the sculpture park, and made a point of rushing up to every male bronze figure and ‘touching their diddlers’, almost methodically.

We walked three miles during our trip so were a bit tired when we headed away.

The afternoon took us to the cinema to see Ratatouille – a fantastic film from the Pixarstudios.