Gentlemen’s Sojourn: Luckley old us.

Silly SpectaclesFor the first time in ages, I enjoyed a Gentlemen’s weekend away with a group of ten extremely personable and fascinating people. Dippy, an old school friend and an extended network of his friends do this type of thing once or twice per year; it’s a chance to chat, play gentle sport, stroll, eat, watch films, drink, and eat again, in an informal and matey atmosphere. Sort of like a polite stag do for the middle aged.

On top of that, and a lovely innovative touch suggested by mummy of the group, David Bramwell, we all (or most) gave short talks / presentations / led activities, ranging from Chris’s country walk with his guide to identifying native trees, to Pete‘s demonstration of a styptic pencil. Dave B’s Damanhur talk was possibly the one that sticks with me, in that it was a subject I knew absolutely nothing about before.

I also learned at the tender age of 38 to play poker, which now feels like a bit of a life skill and I can’t wait to play again.

I managed to come out of the weekend calorie-neutral by riding to the Manchester train and riding some 62 miles on the Sunday in what clearly felt like spring (even with a mild hangover).

Wally’s cartoon strip of the Saturday meal fallout…
The Gentlemens Sojourn went well

Google Earth file of the walk here from the wonderful Garmin 305 (or see the Google Map below)

Google Earth file of the slightly uninspiring A-Road ride up to Birmingham New Street on Sunday.

Images here (I only had my phone camera – wish I’d taken the proper one as the weather and settings deserved better)

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