Rochdale Optician – a fitting conclusion.

A good while ago I was chatting (about the importance of search engine traffic) to my friend Lewis as he was setting up his Optician business in Rochdale, and I set about a little task of my own, for geeky fun, to see if I could get onto page 1 in Google for the search term ‘Rochdale Optician”. I managed to get onto pages 1 and 2 of the search results when I built this page.

Well, as if to complete the circle, I’ve just finished putting them together a website. It was a ‘spare time’ job and took way too long but it was a learning this and basically stuff I enjoy doing. So you know where to click now if you want to see the best Rochdale Optician and Optometrist in Norden Lancashire.

What’s nice is I’ve been able for the first time to apply all my Search Engine Optimisation knowledge to a site I’ve built entirely myself, and at ‘mates rates’. Dying to see how it gets on in the search engines as the domain gradually matures. If any of you’d like to put a link in to Craven & Murray from your site, I’d be ever so grateful! Needless to say, if you need an eye test or some good designer frames from the nicest optician in Lancashire, you know where to go.