Tune of the spring: ‘Sometimes’ by Merchandise

Every once in a while I get to hear a tune and it grows – I guess we all do really – and so often for me these seem to be in spring and early summer for some reason. Last year, ‘Mathematics’ from Cherry Ghost hit the spot for Dave’s catchy number one.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been helping Brad from Cityscape Records put a couple of websites together, and one of their bands – Merchandise – put out their first ‘big’ single launch on Monday – and in the last few weeks, I’ve heard the single – ‘Sometimes’ – so many times but it’s one of those dreamy summer Zeitgeist moments that hits the spot for me every time at the moment. It’s uplifting, it’s twee, it’s melancholy, it’s simple, but above all, it’s just catchy and after two listens it’s inside your head for good. Great tune.

Great catchy tune – download it on the Cityscape Records website or watch the video below…

Oh, and please visit Merchandise‘s lovely website.