Mark Cavendish: A star about to shine

CavWhen the 95th Tour de France gets under way tomorrow in Brittany, our own Mark Cavendish is on the verge of becoming a star, and the thought excites me. Though we’re not on the verge of producing the first ever British overall winner for this – the centre stage of cycling – I predict we’re about to see the coming of age of thwe finest sprinter this country has had in (my) living memory.

Cavendish is still young, still fresh, oozing confidence… but he also has utter class and a ferocious sprint that, at the end of a fast, long stage, is just unbelievable. Yes – it’s the Tour to France and a lot can happen – including some nasty crashes in the first week, but if Cav stays out of trouble, we’re heading for a great first week.