Abigail’s Legacy – a haunting coincidence

Sometimes some coincidences are a bit too wierd. Katie and I lost a lovely friend just before Chtistmas in 2001 – Abigail. Abi was only just 30 and died of cancer, and as always seems the case in these dreadful losses, the last few months were horrible for everyone involved. Abi was dignified and humerous to an extent that still sends shivers down our spines. But a strange anecdotal coincidence occurred the very last time we saw Abigail.

Katie and I had both left work as Abi’s health had taken another big slide, and drove over to London to see her in hospital for what turned out to be the last time. We had also been trying to have a baby for three years and were at our whits’ end about that too. As it turned out, Katie discovered that she was pregnant three or four days after we’d lost Abigail, and we thought it was eerie that it had happened so close to saying goodbye to Abigail.

Last night, Katie was looking through an old scrap book and we found the parking ticket Katie had (somewhat morbidly) kept from our trip to London. Looking at the date on it shows that the parking ticket expired within a nine months and one day (plus a few minutes) before Lily Abigail Haygarth was born.