Lily-Livered… Lily does the U11s Liver Hill fell race

A very proud pushy dad here… Lily did her first running race this evening at Marl Pitts – the junior event in the Liver Hill fell race. She was so excited – so was I. The course for juniors was (I’m guessing..) about a mile and a quarter – out-and-back – and pretty much uphill all the way out. A couple of fairly harder pushes and one pretty steep bit for twenty yards or so… it was a bit of a killer. She pushed herself all way and I was amazed at her capacity to dig in… so, so proud. There was a really large field of c.65 runner – under 11s – and I think she was 41st from 65 starters and 59 finishers.

Was stunned. A few pics here or below – before the camera ran out of batteries (d’oh).