First weekend of spring

God what a great feeling that is. Sooooo flipping ace to have a bit more daylight this evening – and twinned with a bit of sunshine it’s made it feel like the first big spring day.

LilyWe’ve had another relaxed weekend; just enjoying being with the girls. We made the visit to Todmorden we promised ourselves in early January (“when the weather got better” ) today and had a massive load of fun in the park. Todmorden is too cut off for me to live there – believe me, I know why people would want to – it’s got so much going for it and is such a friendly place – and if was prepared to be that far from a Motorway, it’d be the first place I’d settle down.

To celebrate the clocks changing, I crammed in an hour’s road bike ride on my splendid new steed round my favourite ‘quick’ circuit this evening before the later lighting up time kicked in.