Lee Quarry Mountainbike Race… but just watching

It comes to us all I hear.. spectating rather than doing.

I did enjoy a great morning out with Lily at Lee Quarry watching race 2 or a four race series. (Race 1 was my nemisis for anyone who didn’t read here a couple of weeks ago). I don’t do much spectating of the sports I love. Exceptions would generally be things like watching the three peaks fell race instead of running last year, watching the Tour of Britain or Tour de France, whenever I can, but needs must, I’m nursing something that won’t nurse itself, so Lily and I headed for the hills to watch the second race in the race series.

It was fun really. Only small, managable chunks of envy dotted the day and I had enough fun with my new camera to distract me from oaning about not being able to ride.

It was also nice to meet a few people who had a nice word to say, including Trio, Jough, Roy Hunt (unluckily punctured when starting to come back from 2nd towards the leader) and lots of other nice people. I also got to say thanks to the Bacup Mountain Rescue team who helped me back to earth after my crash and to say hello and thanks to Barrie the photographer who watched me fall then helped me up.

Lily had a good day. It was chilly and wet and very blowy – not the best day for spectating, but we had a laugh together and she had the honour of ringing the bell for the weary riders.