Movember – an experience not to be repeated in a hurry

Somethimes I do thing on a whim. We all do I guess. I didn’t take it very seriously and can’t even remember what prompted my to “take part” in this year’s Movember – a fundraising gig for men’s health charities.

But on the 2nd of November, when I went into a meeting room with a couple of potential new clients with a slight stubble, that was the start of an unease that grew throughout the month.

In short, for various reasons, it wasn’t for me. It didn’t suit my face, it grew in a patchy and featherlike way, it itched. From the outside, it generally made me look like anything from a convicted murderer to a … well – someone who really likes other men with moustaches in general. It wasn’t nice.

But I guess that’s the irony. By taking on something without any real hardship ‘for charity’ seemed fraudulent in some way; not to endure any prolonged physical pain for a fundraising thing seems a bit wierd. As someone who like cycling and running I tend to silently sneer at people asking for money to do the same… but looking back I’m missing the point. The hardship angle – the endurance – comes from doing something you’re generally not comfortable with. The moustache was just that. It did the trick.

Words fail me when I look back on the £405 I’ve raised (for Movember’s men’s health partner – found
at by persistant nagging on social networks. The gearing effect has been pretty amazing really. ‘Power’ retweets and secondary publicity from some well-followed people (particularly Alan and Ed) have – I think – helped a great deal – as have the chirpy comments on Facebook that have helped keep the photos visable in various people’s networks and timelines. I’ve been truly humbled and bordering on shocked by the generosity – particularly of people I may have met once – or even not met at all – but ‘know’ through social networks. (I myself donated to another person who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting only once – Nic – but felt it was more robust than giving money to myself!)

So – for one month only, it was power to the mo. Thank you to everyone who has donated, it won’t be happening next Movember – for me – I don’t want to give anyone donation fatigue – but it’s been a moving experience. Time lapse vid below!!