KT @ 4T

The lovely Mrs Haygarth ripened to a good age in very graceful and elegant style with a low-key party at home for a few local friends and family.

It’s always a bit weird having a birthday at the cruddy end of Christmas and New Year and last week’s birthday party was serene and very enjoyable. What we’d optimistically hoped would mean a few friends for a nice toast and some daytime nibbles turned into a prolonged afternoon complete with lots of children running about playing some very complex games of hide and seek in a confined area.

Clearing away when we’d eventually kicked people out in the early evening, I was shocked to take one bottle of champagne to the recycling bin for every adult here… including those on soft drinks. Chapeaux, you lot. Good drinking at the end of Xmas and New Year.

Katie and I had a great day and despite the fact everyone was heading back to work after a long break the next day, people made a very good effort.

Katie got lots of shoes over Xmas and Birthday by the way, in case any of you wondered what a 40 year old woman wants for presents. It’s not my thing, but it’s most definitely hers.


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