A lesson in bike riding

… from a 2 year old. Something familiar in my youngest, Elsie. A second-born, she’s grown up watching older sister doing everything she can’t do, so when she finally was allowed to ride a ‘pedal’ bike last Thursday, she went about it so vigorously and enthusiastically that it’s been a bit of a shock.

Having a balance-bike has helped her enormously (rather than the daft stabilisers that we had Lily learning on) and only a few months since she got the hang of steering that about she has pestered us that she’s ready to move onto a “real pedal bike”. She clearly was… and most of the last four days seems to have been spent chasing after her in situations that she doesn’t realise the potential danger in. There’s been a few minor spills, but no bruises and no tears… She rode the best part of 2 miles yesterday round Entwhistle reservoir and and probably at least that today round home. Learning curve at a very steep point. Apply the helmet and cling on for dear life… we’re in for a fun ride.

Photos here, video of today’s “race” below