2011 Summer Hols part 1: Old Beckstones

After a massive stint of work it’s now full-on holidays for a couple of weeks. The first time that I’ve taken more than two consecutive days’ leave since October 2010 and it’s a game of two halves. Some UK time first then a bit sun and sea in Menorca to follow.

We booked a holiday cottage in the Southern Lakes to get the family of ten together to celebrate mum’s 70th birthday, and as the school bell rang last Friday signalling the end of term, the sun almost instantly obliged and turned everything into summer. A few hours later we’d packed the car and were at a great cottage called Old Beckstones just east of Broughton in Furness.

The ingredients were all there for a great time with mum, Phil, Anne, Matt, Angus, Helen, and our four, but they were perfectly baked by the English sun, and a great four-day break was turned into a really superb balmy summertime memory-pot.

Swimming in Coniston, trip to the beach at Silecroft, lots of mini bike / running breaks, footy, french cricket, rugby, lovely food, very lovely beer, wine… etc etc.  Just lovely…. and welcome ‘together time’ for us all.

Lots of photos here and Phil’s youtube vid of some of the bits and bobs around the house below.