Changing of the Haygarth ‘cross guard? Elsie’s breakthrough.

In years gone by there’s been many a post about my exploits and passion in the world of cyclocross. So much so that I’ve shied away from any updates here for most races. It can be taken as read that I love that sport with a passion and enthusiasm and that’s that. 

For me, the 2015-16 cyclocross season was very welcome after missing almost two full seasons through my shoulder operations and recovery. I set myself the target of racing as much as family life would permit, but had a rather pleasant surprise on that score. Rather than the previous years of guilt for leaving behind a family at home on autumn and winter weekends, or, worse, watching them stand in the cold watching me, I found Elsie bursting to compete in the Under 8s races after her first event, and so we had much more enthusiasm to attend the North West series, where Elsie and I both won our respective leagues.

Happy families.