30 years – somehow a vital connection is made.

Probably in my top three Britpop era tunes is Connection by Elastica.  (Riff?  Oh yes sir.  Here’s your riff…)
Although I’ve never really thought too long and hard about the lyrics, I just assumed it to be a bit of a song about taking a gamble in Love and grabbing at the chance when it comes, in case it’s the right one.   Maybe it’s not about that at all, but it happened to come on the radio yesterday and hearing the lyrics “… but somehow a vital connection is made” went right through me and made my spine tingle.   Here’s why… 

It’s because today, I’d had one of those reminder things from Facebook about some event or other and I noticed that 1st July is the date the I first kissed what turned out to be the love of my life, Katie.  30 years ago today.  The day I left school, and started a relationship that just worked.

Not a ‘wedding’ anniversary, but somehow as our children grow older, I realise that being 18 feels a very short while ago now. Those last 30 years have been ace – thanks Katie.  What would have happened if our paths didn’t cross?  Crikey.

I’ll recycle this post when I’m 78, by the way, and it’s 60 years.