Shutdown day 2007

He heee… I love this concept (though I naturally would recommend appropriate recycling of computer hardware after it’s had its useful life).

Jeans Reunited?

Okay. Long story that I won’t go into here, but if you, or anyone you know, accidentally left a pair of Levis 501s around the altitude of 690 metres within a few hundred metres of Scafell, I saw them and kindly picked them up on 3rd March 2007. They’re size 29 (waist) 32 (leg). They’re in pretty good nick, but they have slight scuffing at the bottom of the heel, as though worn trendily long with boots.

Are these your jeans? Between you and me, I think these jeans being reunited with their rightful owners are fairly slim, but then I wouldn’t be able morally to sell them on eBay in a month or two, unless I knew I’d exhausted every attempt to get them back on the legs from whence they came.

What you need to do to get them back
Simply contact me, using the comment form below, with a specific grid reference or link on Pin in the Map showing where they were last undone and discarded. At that stage, myself and seven other people in the travelling party would like a thorough explanation of how they came to be there (which will be published).

John Shepherd already has his own theory (listen below) so is not really interested in the truth.

Got his Mo-grow working

My mate James is living in Australia for the moment, and they do this thing every year – growing a moustache in support of a Prostrate Cancer charity.

To the right is James’ lovely slug.Mo

The only People in this VillageAnd to the left he can be seen in a context he’d now find comfortable.


Tour of Qinghai Lake , China, July 15-23, 2006. That has got to hurt.

Bart Wellens – kickboxer.

A lovely Belgian Cyclo-Cross moment when the former world champion decided it was time to retaliate against an abusive fan. Footie fans: this is a bit like the Cantona moment, but unlike a fottballer, he just carries straight on with his job afterwards. Click piccie to watch the video.

One red paperclip – a story of someone trading things in order to move up in the world.

Great story on this blog….

On July 12th, 2005 I posted a picture of
one red paperclip
on this website. I traded my one red paperclip with Rawnie and Corinna for
which was exchanged with Annie for
that Shawn saw and bartered his
that was then swapped with Sgt. David J. for
that Marcin eyed and switched it for
one instant party
that I traded Michel Barrette for his
that Jeff upped to
and then swapped with Bruno for
Cintas Cube Truck1995

that Brendan upped the ante with
one recording contract

that Jody traded for

I’m going to keep trading for bigger or better things until I get a house

Them were’t days.

Fantastic poster. Says more about britain in the war than you could ever get across on one sheet of paper. Ace. Simple but funny.