Hammer Time

What amazes me about this film is how the man seems to have no bruises apparent from practising his art…

Modern Telephony

Which phone to use?Those blogs where people rant about things getting on their nerves get on my nerves… so I won’t put any unnecessary interpretation on this photo. Suffice to say that I glanced down at my desk a few minutes ago aghast at what phoning people has become…

Fashion Advice for a 37 year old.

Fashion advisersI got an interesting thing in the post this morning from my brother- and sister-in-law, offering fashion advice, following unprecedented piss-taking after my stated intention to wear leather jeans to a party the other week. That’s Sally and Simon, in the photo. Fashion advice.

Fashion AdviceOn the article that they sent me (from one of Sally’s high fashion magazines like “Take a Break” or something), the fashion ‘barometer‘ (presumably, this means the people under the most pressure to be fashionable), Katie Price and Peter Andre are at the top. Truly the height of fashion. The same magazine said that leather jeans looked no good. Cutting edge advice.

I know where they can put their advice, and to be honest, I know that Simon, for one, would probably enjoy it.

Unintentionally funny comic strips

Unintentionally FunnyI was sent these by my friend Simon…. the top 15 unintentionally funny comic strips of yesteryear. I suppose they’re funnier when they’re exposed out of context. Fnarr fnarr.

The world’s tightest jeans

Yowwwwch.My lovely work mate Kim sent me through this image (goodness knows where or how she got it) of someone in some well tailored trousers. It’s such a great image, not least, the cheesy laugh of the woman ‘posing’ for the photo.