Jeans Reunited?

Okay. Long story that I won’t go into here, but if you, or anyone you know, accidentally left a pair of Levis 501s around the altitude of 690 metres within a few hundred metres of Scafell, I saw them and kindly picked them up on 3rd March 2007. They’re size 29 (waist) 32 (leg). They’re in pretty good nick, but they have slight scuffing at the bottom of the heel, as though worn trendily long with boots.

Are these your jeans? Between you and me, I think these jeans being reunited with their rightful owners are fairly slim, but then I wouldn’t be able morally to sell them on eBay in a month or two, unless I knew I’d exhausted every attempt to get them back on the legs from whence they came.

What you need to do to get them back
Simply contact me, using the comment form below, with a specific grid reference or link on Pin in the Map showing where they were last undone and discarded. At that stage, myself and seven other people in the travelling party would like a thorough explanation of how they came to be there (which will be published).

John Shepherd already has his own theory (listen below) so is not really interested in the truth.

  • Phil Haygarth

    This has me in stitches!

  • mum

    I suppose that is as good an explanation as any!

  • Filthy toilet mouth!

  • Adrian

    The story is just very funny….the demented laughter in the background is simply histerical…is that the state we were in..??

  • milly

    he he thats just so funny !!!

  • valentinus

    it isn’t a 501!!! πŸ™‚

    just read the inside label in the left leg and publish the model’s number!