A weekend of Cyclocross and Music

This weekend was another one of those ‘pinch yourself’ ones for me. Those of you who know me will get the picture: Saturday: Play guitar in the band, Sunday: Race cyclocross.

Not good enough? How about:

Little Boogie MachineSaturday: Play guitar in the band (The Little Boogie Machine) with whom I’ve basically grown up since we first played when I was 19, catch up with friends, play a really great, rewarding and technically not-actually-all-that-bad set at the inaugural Lunesdale Blues & Boogie night. Basically, I get to see Phil, Richard C and Richard H and have a great time. Even get paid (albeit mildly, but still – a rarity!).

Sunday: Travel to the shores of Lake Windermere in picture-postcard winter conditions, Sharp intake of breath to see cloud inversion on Windermere with Langdales above in a thorough icing of snow. Ride a race in probably the most fun-like conditions possible, see my brother, family and mum, catch up with lots of people, take photos, have a really good day with the hip / leg / back given I couldn’t even ride a mile a week before, then come and have a roast chicken dinner.

Not a bad weekend. Shame it was a bit too cold on Sunday to contemplate bringing the girls up for some sledging at Brockhole, but they had a fun time all in all.

  • rob fraser

    Hi Dave

    Sorry I missed you. I was having my own fun up on the hills above the cloud inversion – boy did it look beautiful. Then had dinner with my girlfriend and her kids. The minutia of life.

    Race looked interesting for sure. It’s darn slippy for running at the moment and I’m sure it’s no easier for cycling. Glad you’re still out there and ‘doing’ as well. And getting paid to play tunes as well.

    keep in touch

  • mum

    Good w/e for me too!