Remember, remember – the fourth of November

Remember, remember – the fourth of November

As days to remember go, I’ve trumped most of them yesterday. All thanks to my lovely friend Richard Hannaford – someone who has been in my life since preschool days – I got to see The Wedding Present play live last night.

Fighting the urge to be critical

Fighting the urge to be critical

I’ve noticed something over the last few months and years – no doubt linked to the rise of social media.

Music: Met Marc & Mogwai

It was a breath of fresh air. Something very different, and very special to light up the middle of a working week. My friend Richard, a friend since the age of about 4, with whom I have been in a band on and off since I was 18, is a Studio Manager at the BBC. Richard had mentioned a few months ago that I would be welcome to come along and watch one of the sessions on BBC 6music whenever he was on ...[Read More]

John Shuttleworth: If Nick Clegg was called Nicholas

Lovely to hear John Shuttleworth on the Vote Now Show late on Radio 4 last night. The track’s here if you missed it – his wonderfully crafted lyrics are a great take on the three horse race that’s unfolding before us…. I think he has a point. If Nick Clegg was called Nicholas, he would inevitably get less votes. Here’s the track for those of you who missed it: [Audio ...[Read More]

Merchandise: For the Masses

“Five years in the making” makes any album sound epic, doesn’t it.  Merchandise are a friend-of-a-friend band that have become just a friend band now.  Brad asked me to build the Cityscape Records website some time back, then I shortly after rebuilt the Merchandise website.  Along the way I got to listen to their music and things grew and grew.  I do enjoy their poppyness lots ...[Read More]

Jenny: 18 = me: old

The little baby that my sister in law Fiona and her husband Graeme had in 1991 – not very much further back than yesterday, it feels, is 18. Like millions of others before me, the coming of age of a close relative has really brought home to me how quickly time flies and how there is bugger all we can do about it. I think the traditional solution is to ‘party’ – if that̵ ...[Read More]

Tune… The Difference between an object and a non-object

Short bit of music – the first for a while – inspired in part by the dark weather we’re living under this August and in part by the sporadic and fickle nature of the people I follow on Twitter. Also was playing a lot of guitar this week and wanted to have a break from that. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Billie Jeanellium

In memory of Micheal Jackson, I started to mess about with music again the other night, and came up with this fairly stripped down version of Billie Jean… basically nicked the drums and vocals, the rest was re-done from other instruments… it’s a top tune, and there’s not much to be gained by remixing it or messing around too much, unless you’re as god-like as Bushwack ...[Read More]

Lily dancing to Boards of Canada

Had a nice teatime chill with Lily and Elsie last night whilst Katie went out tot he gym for the first time since Elsie was born… including some freeform art dance by Lily, totally unprompted, to my favourite album of all time.

Remix of ‘Glitterati’ by Merchandise

Bolton friends and wonderful pop band Merchandise have just ‘released’ my remix of their track ‘Glitterati’ on their website. The remix was an interesting experiment in cutting things back to the core; the original vocals by Brad Wood are used from the track but nothing else and I decided an orchestral arrangement would go well with the reflective mood of the track. The ide ...[Read More]

In praise of the rockafeller skank.

This doesn’t come easy. I’m not a mainstream person. Well, I am, really – that’s what all this is about, but I don’t occupy the middle ground that easily still. I’m 38 and it’s getting so much easier. My love of the Carpenters and Doris Day will be confessed openly soon (and if you think I’m joking, Stop, wait a minute Mr Postman and Move Over Darlin ...[Read More]

Tune of the spring: ‘Sometimes’ by Merchandise

Every once in a while I get to hear a tune and it grows – I guess we all do really – and so often for me these seem to be in spring and early summer for some reason. Last year, ‘Mathematics’ from Cherry Ghost hit the spot for Dave’s catchy number one. Over the last few weeks I’ve been helping Brad from Cityscape Records put a couple of websites together, and one ...[Read More]

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