John Shuttleworth: If Nick Clegg was called Nicholas

Lovely to hear John Shuttleworth on the Vote Now Show late on Radio 4 last night. The track’s here if you missed it – his wonderfully crafted lyrics are a great take on the three horse race that’s unfolding before us…. I think he has a point. If Nick Clegg was called Nicholas, he would inevitably get less votes. Here’s the track for those of you who missed it: [Audio ...[Read More]

Electioneering warning…

With a general election looming, I thought it was time to remind all the dedicated readers out there to remember some important things about democracy 1. Read decent papers 2. Don’t vote for people who would wipe their hands after shaking hands with you 3. Be prepared to ask the right questions and push for an answer 4. Have faith in Parliamentary D ...[Read More]

Ozzy – our Ladyboy Rabbit

A funny thing happened this morning. After Lily got a 12 week old female rabbit called Daisy for her birthday in September, our three year old Rabbit to a great interest in climbing on her back – immediately – as rabbits do (all rabbits, it seems). Time came for a slightly pricey but inevitable castration if our two big eared chums were going to be room mates. On taking Ozzy to the vet ...[Read More]

Table Frisbee

Given the fun that my dog Elvis has with his frisbee, I thought it fair to show you a video of a new way humans can discover a newfound love for this simplest of ace toys…

British National Cyclocross Championships 2009

A great day out. It’s such an event for me – and to have it at Bradford, within the hour from home, was such a pleasure. Adding to that pleasure was the fact that mum, Katie and the girls could all come out and watch me on the relatively short day trip.

Time to cherish the ugly

There seems to have been an irritating number of cutesy “look at a puppy kissing a kitten” type emails hitting my inbox recently. Much more than normal. I’m not sure whether the global economic crisis is leading people into some sort of goo induced love of everything innocent; maybe the escapism is the way out of things. Anyway, I just throught I’d post this reminder that t ...[Read More]

A midwinter p-p-p-pick-me up

Get the Flash Player to see this player. It was Lily’s school Christmas Concert on Tuesday and she and some of her friends danced a delightful penguin dance. Sorry for the rubbish mobile phone quality of the fillum you’re about to watch. (Lily’s the one on the far left at the start and finish) What’s the music called? It’s so familiar and on loads of things but I don& ...[Read More]

Remember, remember – the 5th of November

Something about the rather significant things going on on the other side of the big pond that makes me feel like we’ve reached a pretty momentous turning point in world history. Much in the same way that in 1997 I felt a massive relief when Labour ended a very long Tory rule in the UK, the democratic win in the US is more than a democratic win or a fantastic historical moment when a black pe ...[Read More]

The Fred Whitton Challenge 2008 – Faking It

The Fred Whitton Challenge is billed as a 112 mile sportive ride for charity around the English Lake District, taking in six of the major passes en route… starts and finishes at Coniston, and includes the climbs of Kirkstone Pass, Honister Pass, Newlands Pass, Whinlatter Pass, Cold Fell, Irton Pike, and finishes with the brutal Hardknott and Wrynose Passes. I’ve ridden the Fred Whitton ...[Read More]

Who do you think you are kidding, Mrs Haygarth?

Went to watch mum in a play of Dad’s Army last night at the Grand Theatre in Lancaster. With a familiarity of Dad’s Army on TV, I’m not sure what I was expecting. I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be such a faithful copy of the original. The play itself was essentially three episodes of the TV series. With Dad’s Army being a studio set series, it translated to the st ...[Read More]

Happy Valentine’s Day

I love you. Print your own.

Why fox hunting was banned

This reminds us all why fox hunting was abolished for its barbarism.

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