Music: Met Marc & Mogwai

It was a breath of fresh air. Something very different, and very special to light up the middle of a working week. My friend Richard, a friend since the age of about 4, with whom I have been in a band on and off since I was 18, is a Studio Manager at the BBC. Richard had mentioned a few months ago that I would be welcome to come along and watch one of the sessions on BBC 6music whenever he was on ...[Read More]

Deershed Festival 2010. Family Frolics in Sunny Yorkshire

Fantastic 24 hours camping at the Deershed Festival over near Thirsk this weekend. Sandwiched between rain on Friday and Sunday, we managed to enjoy a pretty sunny day of musing and moseying to music and general arts.

Forty-and-a-half: Time to party

Having a birthday in the depths of January isn’t that good. At the butt-end of Christmas when schools have gone back and the daylight lasts about as long as dinner time, no-one feels like anything other than thinks like diets, holidays, or ending it all. When I turned 40 this January I kept it a low key affair. Not because I didn’t want to get lots of people together, but more because ...[Read More]

Listen Up! by Merchandise

Merchandise‘s new single arrived with me yesterday and seeing the cover, that familiar toon style of illustration and the brown/orange thang is really starting to stamp the Merchandise brand on all that they do.

Lily dancing to Boards of Canada

Had a nice teatime chill with Lily and Elsie last night whilst Katie went out tot he gym for the first time since Elsie was born… including some freeform art dance by Lily, totally unprompted, to my favourite album of all time.

Remix of ‘Glitterati’ by Merchandise

Bolton friends and wonderful pop band Merchandise have just ‘released’ my remix of their track ‘Glitterati’ on their website. The remix was an interesting experiment in cutting things back to the core; the original vocals by Brad Wood are used from the track but nothing else and I decided an orchestral arrangement would go well with the reflective mood of the track. The ide ...[Read More]

In praise of the rockafeller skank.

This doesn’t come easy. I’m not a mainstream person. Well, I am, really – that’s what all this is about, but I don’t occupy the middle ground that easily still. I’m 38 and it’s getting so much easier. My love of the Carpenters and Doris Day will be confessed openly soon (and if you think I’m joking, Stop, wait a minute Mr Postman and Move Over Darlin ...[Read More]

Podcast: LAH

It’s a while since I uploaded a tune and even longer since I made one! Just listening through some old stuff today and this came up… I really like it now, five years on. LAH is an acronym; someone who is currently singing her way through her favourite sound of music tracks whilst I type this… how appropriate. ‘Full of Energy, Full of Vitality, Very Happy in your Life’ ...[Read More]

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