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Cyclocross: All of the faff

Cyclocross: All of the faff

It’s the National Championships at the weekend, and time to reflect as the season approaches its finale. Cyclocross is a strange sport. It breeds and harbours obsessives. For a discipline that involves belting around muddy fields, there is an inordinate amount of fine-tuning, preparation and finesse… from the meticulously exact tyre pressures for the conditions in the correct tubulars ...[Read More]

When it (nearly) all comes good

Off Camber

Just had a great day out on the bike. I’ve accepted that a great day out for me these days doesn’t equate to a win… those days have moved quietly away… but greatness is so easily measured in other ways when your glass is half full.

New and Blue… I’m On One for Planet X

New and Blue… I’m On One for Planet X

I rode my first National Trophy race for my new Planet X team yesterday and it felt kinda weird… Having signed (!?!!) for them three weeks ago my first race at Stadt Moers in the North West league was pretty low key, but it was very odd yesterday over at Derby in the first proper race in my new kit.  

An amazing few years – thank you, Wheelbase

Wheelbase Cycling Team

I joined Team Wheelbase in 2005 and will be racing for another team very soon (more on that will follow shortly). It’s the strangest feeling to move on from wearing the black and green kit – there have been some amazing highlights in the last few years and I just wanted to reflect a little. Basically, when I moved up to the north west again after living in Gloucestershire for ten years ...[Read More]

Derby National Trophy – the cyclocross season ends

Sunday was the last race in the 2009 Cyclocross National Trophy series, where I finished 21st overall… my best ever. It’s more a case of lies, damn lies and statistics though when you look at it. I gathered very steady points (apart from the first race in Abergavenny where I had a bit of a mechanical), and all around me people seemed to have poor or inconsistent seasons.

Cyclocross National Trophy round 5, Rutland Water

Leaving the house for a day seemed even harder this time round given that Lily had spent almost all day in bed on Saturday and Elsie was up about six times on Saturday night… cyclocross is tough on family life this year for us and I haven’t been able to really get into the training as a result. However, Katie was quite on top of things at home when I left (even if I wasn’t) and o ...[Read More]

Cyclocross National Trophy round 4, Mallory Park

Things seem to be going along fine for me in the big cyclocrosses this year; nothing stunning happening but I feel that little bit stronger than last year and my training’s a bit more focused and targeted. The Mallory Park venue has mixed memories for me; in 2006, I had just about my worst ever cyclocross race and started to question what I was doing it all for. In the 2007 race there I reve ...[Read More]

Cyclocross National Trophy 2008 round 3, Chantry Park, Ipswich

Cyclocross National Trophy 2008 round 3, Chantry Park, Ipswich

For the third year running, the National Trophy went to this rolling park on the western side of Ipswich, and my experiences there have been mixed. Thankfully, this was the best year for me and I’m in no doubt as to why; this year, we were given the gift of mud. The course is so different in the slippy mud and although last year’s was slimey on much of the course, this year’s was ...[Read More]

National Trophy anticlimax!

It’s a bit of an odd one this year… I’ve been intensely focused on the preparation for the Three Peaks this year – almost always the first big race of the season, when all of a sudden, they add another National Trophy race to the calendar. Just on a weekend when i really should be trying to do three hour slogs up hill and down dale, I’m called upon to whip myself roun ...[Read More]

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