A Midsummer Bike’s Dream

A Midsummer Bike’s Dream

I rode my bike a long way. And with a lot of climbing.  That’s all.

Summer Made Me Cross

Summer Made Me Cross

Just a quick bikey update… It’s been a slightly unorthadox ‘summer’ so far for me on the bike (I mean summer in that context as being after the clocks change!). Started okay at the SiS Crits round the fast 1 mile circuit at Preston.

Deershed Festival 2010. Family Frolics in Sunny Yorkshire

Fantastic 24 hours camping at the Deershed Festival over near Thirsk this weekend. Sandwiched between rain on Friday and Sunday, we managed to enjoy a pretty sunny day of musing and moseying to music and general arts.

British National Cyclocross Championships 2009

A great day out. It’s such an event for me – and to have it at Bradford, within the hour from home, was such a pleasure. Adding to that pleasure was the fact that mum, Katie and the girls could all come out and watch me on the relatively short day trip.

2008 Three Peaks Cyclocross

I had a great day out yesterday doing the event that I go through in my head for 364 days of the year. In my sporting life, it’s the absolute pinnacle of the year. I essentially had a ‘clean run’ with no punctures, indeed no mechanicals whatsoever to talk of. A first, I think. The dry ground was a bit of a surprise. A recce ten days before had left me thinking it was going to be ...[Read More]

By the river in Hubberholme

Some 30 years on, history repeated itself yesterday as we decided to make the most of some gorgeous summer conditions and spend an afternoon by the river Wharfe in Hubberhome. Going to exactly the same spot that I went to as a young boy, Lily and I frolicked in the cool water with the inflatable dhingy, Elvis dug all day for always-just-too-large stones, and Katie and Elsie managed to sneak in a t ...[Read More]

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