CD: “Living with the Pond Life”

Living with the pond life
After a long break, the fouth collection of Minnellium tunes comes just in time to avert the US war against Iraq and the other countries who are members of the ‘axis of evil’. President George Bush the second of the United States of America is believed to have said that this music is the only chance of world peace. Tony Blair then added that world peace is possible and that this album is the only chance of it.

Gone are the days when Minnellium have collaborated with other artists. For a change, very little on this fourth album has been stolen under the guise of sampling. Well, apart from a whole track from Frou Frou remixed by the minnellial hands themselves.

Downbeat and a times down-right lazy.

12 tunes which would sit as easily in the ‘dining room’ category as ‘lounge’ are held together by a plastic compact disc which is housed in a free case.

02 Breathe In (Minnellial mix)
03 Eclectic Avenue
04 Cube Ranch
05 Feature
06 Lah
07 Big Bump (5,547 kb, MP3)
08 How Long is Forever?
09 Clicking and Chips
10 A Magic Wand
11 Music For a Fashion Show
12 Still Sparkle (5,298mb, MP3)