Clitheroe Crits

Aaaaghhghh…. Bike racing, eh? You work so hard and sometimes it pays of, sometimes it doesn’t. Rode the Clitheroe criteriums last night – part of the national series – fantastic atmosphere and course. I managed to scrape 8th place in the supporting race. 54 starters. I could so easily have slipped off the front with what turned out to be the winning move, but I’m not sure I’d have had the power to stay with them anyway – there was a nasty climb each 1km lap, so hitting that every minute and a half really took it out of my legs. I’ve lost 10lbs in the last two months but I can tell i could do with shedding a bit more if I want to compete on the hills. Piccie of me slightly obscured leading the chasers through at the bell.

I should add, in the interest of editorial balance, that I made a total fcuk up of a corner early on (trying to fight my way through from stupidly allowing myself to start at the back of the field) and nearly took five people down – as it was I didn’t, but I owed them all big apologies. Humble pie eaten and savoured.