Five day forecast for Rossendale, Lancashire

I’m not too much of a ranting person. I put up with a fair deal and don’t moan too much too often. My glass is always half full.. bright side of life, etc. But can I just say how utterly and completely pig sick I am of this sodding weather. It’s really grinding me down now. Two and a half weeks ago, Katie, Lily and I came back from Barcelona complete with healthy tans, etc.

Yet more to comeThe only two chances I’ve had in that time to wear shorts have both been bike races, and even then it was bordering on the type of weather you’d think about wearing leg warmers. It’s just utterly rubbish.

I went out for a ride today just determined not to be beaten by it (the normal wet weather option is a fell run – much simpler and you can only get so wet…). Clearing upGoing through Hebden Bridge, I was treated (after two severe rainstorms in fifteen miles) to the sight of sand bags outside all the houses and shops. Cragg Vale, a long Pennine climb that reminded me of some winding alpine approach road last time I rode it was today dominated by a river on the tarmac and thunder claps (though luckily the climb’s 5 miles long and it had cleared up by the top!). It’s July. Fed up.