Camping trip with Lily to Malham

Malham TarnThe school holidays are a bit to cock this year, meaning that Katie’s and Lily’s Easter holidays don’t match up. It’s led to some creative childcare activity this holiday for Lily which in many ways will be much more fun for her than the prospect of getting on her mum’s heavily pregnant nerves.

Lily and I took advantage of the situation by going camping for a night in Malham. Aside from the predictably good bonding opportunity it afforded, it was actually a really good laugh, start to finish. We had a great bike ride with the trailer bike [View in Google Earth] taking in some bleak but very ridable bridleways and byways, and had a couple of really ace short walks.

We capped off by a quick visit to Settle to see Lily’s great grandparents’ grave on Friday as the weather curtailed the walking, which was also worthwhile and led to lots of good chances to chat about relatives, mortality and all that!

Some fine photos here.