A Free Website for Tubular Tyre Repairs specialist Peter Burgin

I had occasion to need a tub (tubular cycle tyre) mending the other week and, as usual, I sent it off to Peter Burgin who advertises in Cycling Weekly every fortnight (he can’t afford the ads weekly now. It was only after some painful Googling that I found his address on the net – on some forum or other – and only because I knew his name.

When I got the tub and info leaflets back – photocopied and handwritten ones advertising his services, I just realised how this fantastic, niche service – and as far as I’m aware, the only one of its kind in the UK – didn’t have any web presence at all. I happened to know also that Peter has been doing the same thing for 50 plus years, and I wasn’t about to swoop on this old gentleman and try and tout for some web design business… so a new, purely one-off approach was needed. I was feeling philanthropic, so spoke to Peter and built him a website (1.5 hrs work) and bought him a domain name (£4.00). All for free.

I’m so nice, aren’t I. Just watch it pile up there to the top of Google for all those important keywords… I hope he can handle the extra business.

View it here… Cycle Tubs / Cycling Tubular Tyre Repairs in the UK | Peter Burgin – and of course, get your tubular tyre repairs done there… unless you fancy two hours with glue, unpickers, mess, needles, thimbles, threads, and general hassle.