A long overdue meet-up with Biggers

Alison & JohnIt’s been seven years since we saw my old and lovely school mate John Bigland, and we finally got together on Sunday for a BBQ in Helmshore’s finest July weather. Or the finest it could muster up, which means just freezing northerly wind.

It was so great to catch up and it’s nice to have these reminders from time to time about how simple it is to get on straight away with people you grew up with. Good mates, a shade of reminiscing but not too much. No need… life’s still fun for all of us without any need to recall the past. Still nice to have a quick chat about whether he still has Tears for Fears posters up on his wall. Sadly, he doesn’t and neither do I. I prefer to think of it as a phase, and I’ll put some up again soon.