Lily’s eighth birthday

Our little Lily’s growing up seemingly-so-quickly and yesterday’s intimate but fun birthday celebrations after school were a pleasant way of sharing her 8th birthday with a few friends.

Picking up friends Leah, Lucy and Alice from School and bringing them all back for a play and a party tea was very chilled as these things go. Much more relaxing that a large-scale party for all involved – including the children. We went on to do a bit of ten pin bowling, and there was plenty of predictable running around very excitedly by all attendees, including Elsie, running at about a quarter of their ages, but tagging along very affectively and being part of it all.

A Monday birthday is a bit of a bummer generally – when you’re young – but Lily did have a nice glow about her going into school yesterday morning. Nice to have something special going on. We let the celebrations bleed into Sunday a bit too, and took Lily for a ‘treat’ horse riding session at a local riding school. She loved it, predictably.

Pics and Video

Photos are here on Flickr or as a slideshow below