Stay-cation half term.

Had a really nice couple of days this week off work but basically doing things you’d to on a holiday. With Lily leading the agenda, it mostly revolved around the animal kingdom, with a visit to Bleakholt animal sanctuary on Wednesday and then Knowsley Safari Park on Thursday.

It’s made such a great change – Katie and I have eaten (and drunk) as though we were on holiday too, but it’s been a great little mid-week switch-off and some great valuable moments in the memory bank.

Unleashed in the carLions actually quite genuinely terrifying up close and they weren’t even in a bad mood. Watching the loonies drive through the monkey enclosure and getting their cars wrecked was a sight to behold. Like watching Gypsy Weddings on TV except you could see the strange person up close. Some of them were seemingly upset too. Real Darwinian stuff in action.

Photos all here or slideshow below