Selfless devotion to family

Sometimes in life it’s time to stop doing what you enjoy, and pay some dedicated time to other family members.

With young families, my brother in law Simon and I get very little time together and no quality time to speak of in the last couple of years. With his birthday fast approaching, I decided to redress this by trying to get some good face-time together as a little treat to him.

So the two of is went and stayed in a pub. Then got up, and rode our bikes.

Because Gisburn Forest is only 40 minutes drive away, it’s very difficult to have more than a polite half in the fantastic Dog & Partridge there, and as well as being a great pub with brilliant food and home-baked ales, it’s successful trading is almost all down to the mountain bikers who pass through and use it as a watering hole – for bike and throat.

So… an ideal spot for a chinwag with Simon and a lovely ride in the morning to boot.

Gave me great pleasure to introduce Simon to his first trail centre ride, and the February weather was very kind to us.

GPS here and a few photos here.